Major D Godderidge, York

by Richard on May 8, 2011


“I would like to take this rather belated opportunity to thank both yourself and your band members for the superb levels of entertainment you have delivered at the Officers’ Mess for the two major functions that we hold each year. Both the Summer Ball (17 Jul 10) and Xmas Ball (11 Dec 10) were outstanding events that benefitted greatly from the professional expertise and flexibility that you have afforded the Mess Committee on both occasions. With a diverse Membership ranging from the ages of mid twenties through to mid seventies the attendees are always going to be potentially difficult to please. However, you have an unfailing ability to judge what needs to be delivered and managed to keep the dance floor packed throughout the evening. Be it catering for the broad needs of a diverse audience or “banging out” the modern classics in the early hours, the live entertainment and disco have been outstanding. The seven and five piece groups that you provided for the two events met all expectations and where very responsive to the tailored needs of both evenings. Qualifying my comments with the observation that I have been involved in organising events in various capacities over the last 16 years I can confidently and unreservedly recommend the services of Cornucopia to any potential customer.”

D Godderidge
President of the Mess Committee

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